Pierce Castle

Then & Now

Once upon a time there was a young soldier who came home from the war in 1945 to his lovely bride. He swept her up and brought her to this land and together they began to make the land into a beautiful farm. Along with the horses, cattle, pigs and chicken, the Lord blessed them with five healthy, lovely daughters to raise. The family prospered and they were very happy. 

One day, while admiring her husband's work and looking to this hill, white with prize-winning cotton, she told her daughters, "One day we just might build a castle right on top of that hill!" Many years passed and the young couple held hands, grew old together and died on their beloved land.

This Pierce Castle was completed in 2008 and is dedicated to the sweet memory of Grover and Margaret Pierce, and their faraway dream of "a castle on a hill."

The  renovations were completed in May 2013 and now offer an indoor/outdoor reception ballroom to make all your event dreams a reality.  

Castle View Ceremony

Seated Occupancy: ~250

Covered Patio

Seated Occupancy: ~175

Indoor Ballroom

Seated Occupancy: ~100

Inside Castle

Media Room

Queen's Domain

Princess Tower

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